2breathe Helps Japan Fall Asleep!

We are very excited to announce that 2breathe has officially launched in Japan! Teijin, one of Japan’s best known healthcare corporations, has begun distributing 2breathe directly to consumers via their subsidiary Nemulog, Inc. Japanese people are known to get the least hours of sleep in the world. According to Nemulog surveys, 60% of people in their 20’s

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pretty senior woman sleeping on bed

Good Sleep Leads to Good Aging

How can sleep help you age better? Regular Sleep Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Those planning on powering through early adulthood and middle age with little sleep and resting in old age might want to take particular notice. One recent review from Baylor University examining decades of data, suggests that getting good sleep in middle

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Using Sleep to Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

In fascinating experiments with fruit flies, scientists have proven that sleep heals. Neuroscientist, Paul Shaw creates flies with genetic deficiencies that mimic human disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Shaw fixes these ailing flies, not with genetic modification or drugs, but by putting them to sleep. “We make them sleep, and they become normal,” says Shaw.

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