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There was a time when mothers taught there daughters about natural herb remedies. Even at times father to son. People knew what they could take from the land around them to cure various ailments. In our modern society we have forgotten this art and the pharmaceutical companies have been able to capitalize on our ignorance.So here are 2 of  6 herbs that are recommended by Natural News to help with stress and insomnia.

1. Brahmi

Also known by other names like water hyssop and herb of grace, Brahmi has been used for generations across the globe to treat stress related anxiety and other mental disorders. Scientific name for Brahmi is Bacopa Monnieri.Generation after generation have used this perennial herb to enhance focus, intellect and memory. Enriched with high levels of natural alkaloids, triterpene saponins and many organic compounds, it is also suitable for use as a cognitive booster.The active ingredient contained in the herb balance serotonin or stress hormone levels in the body, thus giving you a tranquil feel, inducing sleep and relieving stress and anxiety. Brahmi is a wet-land herb, native to India. It can be consumed as leaves in salads, chewed as it is or in grounded form.

2. Valerian

A natural sedative used for thousands of years to treat insomnia and anxiety. It has blessed many with a peaceful sound sleep. However to get maximum benefits out of this root for long term insomnia therapy, it is recommended it is consumed in combination with another hypnotic herb called Kava Kava(Piper methysticum).However avoid using it until prescribed by a trained herbalist, as the herb can have detrimental effects over kidneys and liver. Having remarkable anti-anxiety effects as well, the root cannot be consumed as it is, but its extract can be added to flavored drinks or taken as supplements (usually in 400 and 900mg).

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Get 10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure.

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