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Can’t Sleep? Try Dolce far Niente

I understand that some people genuinely have difficulty falling asleep. I really do. But sometimes I think that the reason we do not fall asleep is that we have done it to ourselves. Who says that we have to be tuned in 24 hours a day? I go to family get together during the holidays and quiet a few times a month t eat with my parents. After dinner, it seems that we go into the living room and the T.V goes on and everyone is playing with their smartphones. I ride the bus and train to go to work and there it is again, people sitting with laptops and cellphones. Hardly anyone one looks out the window anymore to look at the view. It just does not seems to interest us. God forbid I should see the sunset on the ocean while I am on the train. I might miss a tweet.

Twitter, funny when I was a kid if someone called you a twit they were calling you a silly or foolish person. Now it seems we have a whole community of them. No insult intended. We have live news broadcasting to us how Kim Donkey Kong in North Korea launched an ICBM into the sea of Japan, Syria is still on fire, Europe is being pillaged, and the United States is suffering her own problems. As Jeff Foxworthy used to say, “It was pandelerium! I thought we’d be killed or even worse!”

I understand most of this I am a news junkie, but not any news junkie, I find my news fix in the alternative news. More fake news? You just may be right. But do you know what knowing what goes on in the world does for me? It causes me nothing but stress, sadness, and depression. Watch the news before bed and you will have nightmares most of the night if you can fall asleep.

I think there should be a saying, “Blessed are those who disconnect, for they shall not get bent out of shape.” When was the last time you just skipped a night of watching 3-4 episodes of “Game Of Thrones” or Fox, CNN, or MSNBC? Maybe the Timothy Leary said it best in the 60’s, “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out.”

Tune In: To interact harmoniously with the world around you. Radiate! Shine on!

Turn On: No not the cell phone, computer, T.V or any other technology. To turn on is to go within, to become sensitive to what is going on within you.

Drop Out: Detach yourself from unconscious commitments. Learn to be. Just be. You need to experience Dolce far Niente” The Sweetness of Doing Nothing.

Dolce far Niente”  some call it the art of doing nothing. When was the last time you did nothing? Danced in the rain? Sat and enjoyed a meal with a glass of wine, candles, and gentle music in the background? Dipped strawberries in chocolate? Released your inner poet? Went for a walk in the woods? This, my friend this is the art we want to practice. Once a week designate it as “Dolce far Niente Bella Giornata” And maybe, just maybe you will have the sweetest sleep in the evening.

Breathe Well Sleep Tight.

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