How to read my session report?

At the end of each session, a session report is displayed. The report shows session…

Published June 8, 2016
4 minutes read

Why does 2breathe work? (the scientific version)

The normal falling-asleep process involves progressive disconnection from our surroundings. Our minds turn inward as…

Published February 4, 2016
3 minutes read

Are there any side effects?

Typically, the only “side effects” of 2breathe were positive ones. In addition to falling asleep…

Published January 21, 2016
1 minute read

Is 2breathe medically certified?

2breathe is not a medical device 2breathe is not a medical device. The 2breathe sensor,…

Published January 21, 2016
Less than a minute read

How does 2breathe work?

2breathe patented technology transforms your breathing into tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation…

Published January 21, 2016
1 minute read