How is 2breathe different from other sleep trackers, apps, programs or other aids?

According a recent Consumer Reports survey, 164 million Americans having sleep issues despite spending $41 billion on various sleep aids. If you are reading this page you probably already know that sleeplessness is painful and not easy to resolve.

2breathe’s focus is not on tracking, but on actually inducing sleep. It does so without chemicals or months of training. To help you decide if 2breathe is right for you, we have compiled a brief overview of how it’s different that the popular sleep aid categories:

  • Sleeping pills (prescription or “natural”) – 2breathe is not a drug and it has no chemicals. There is no ‘next day grogginess’, drug-to-drug interactions, or long term dependencies. 2breathe uses only breathing and music to get you to sleep..
  • Sleep Trackers (i.e. Fitbit, Beddit) – Sleep Trackers are very cool and can tell you a lot about your sleep issues. We think that while sleep tracking is interesting, sleep inducing is what you really want and that is exactly what 2breathe delivers. If you already own a tracker, fantastic – It will show you how 2breathe helps you. If not, don’t worry. 2breathe actually knows when you falls asleep and the built in reports help you see how your sleep improves.
  • Relaxing music/White noise devices and apps – These  devices and apps are great if they work for you and help you fall and stay asleep.  2breathe actually uses a relaxing tone as part of it’s technology but takes it to another level. The tones are not pre-recorded but composed in real time to fit your own breathing pattern, guiding you to prolong the exhalation in a way which is proven to lower your neural sympathetic activity and help you fall asleep.
  • Sleep hygiene programs and apps (i.e. Simple tips to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) programs) – Sleep hygiene tips and CBT programs have been proven to work. Most of the tips are easy to understand, (e.g.. eat before 6PM, turn off screens one hour prior to sleep), but in many cases are not so easy to incorporate into our busy lives. This is where the CBT programs come into play. Paying for a coach or a program, you tend to be more compliant to the changes required.  One of the most effective elements of CBT programs is  breathing exercises, but these are not easy to perform without training. This is exactly where 2breathe comes in. It provides the proven breathing exercise part without any training or effort. To ensure that you get the most out of 2breathe, we’ve included a personalized onboarding coach with no additional costs.
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