Get 10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure.

  • No more cord or main unit! 2breathe has a redesigned wireless sensor powered by bluetooth low energy. It sends the real time information about your breathing back to Apple iOS app.

  • 2breathe has been adapted to help those suffering from sleeplessness. The app knows when you fall asleep. It continues to play the guiding tones for 10 minutes and shuts off automatically. In the morning you will see an informative session report and literally see how you drowsed off to sleep.

  • 2breathe has sleep diaries to track your sleep improvements and complementary personalized coaching and support to help you use 2breathe the right way for your sleep issue.

  • 2breathe is not a medical device and has not been reviewed by FDA.

  • 2breathe is just $179.95

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Get 10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure.

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