How 2breathe works?

2breathe uses personalized therapeutic breathing exercises to improve sleep. All you have to do is follow the guiding tones. Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced relaxing your mind & body toward sleep.

Why it Works?

Poor sleep typically reflects heightened pre-sleep tension: A ‘vicious cycle’ that includes daily stress, intrusive thoughts resulting in elevated sympathetic neural activity. Breathing exercises are THE recommended method by sleep experts for calming your mind and body toward sleep.

2breathe enables anyone to perform highly effective breathing exercises without prior training or conscious effort using patented real-time coaching technology

Using 2breathe

  1. Use Breathe mode daily for a 10 minute pre-sleep session to accumulate at least 40 in-sync-minutes a week.
  2. After the first week or after you’ve reached the 40 In-Sync Minutes Goal, you can add In-Bed Sleep mode sessions as needed.
breathe mode
sleep mode

Pre-Sleep Breathe Session

Step 1: Breathe

Sit comfortably on a couch or in bed. Wear the sensor around your abdomen and breathe. Every inhale and exhale movement is wirelessly sent to your smartphone using low-energy bluetooth.


Step 2: Follow

2breathe transforms your breathing, in real time, into tones that gradually guide you to prolong exhalation and slow breathing.

Just breathe with the guiding tones Should you not follow the tones, a voice prompt will guide you to breathe in-sync again.


Step 3: Remove Sensor & Go to Sleep

Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced, your body and mind calm down. When you reach your 10 minutes In-Sync goal, the session will end automatically.

Take off the sensor. It will shut off by itself.


In-Bed Sleep Session

Step 1: Breathe

Lay in bed, wear the sensor around your abdomen and breathe just like in Breathe mode.


Step 2: Follow

Just breathe with the guiding tones

As guiding tones continue to prolong your exhalation and slow your breathing you begin to feel drowsy. It becomes harder to follow the guiding tones. Don’t fight it. Simply breathe as you wish and allow yourself to fall asleep.


Step 3: Allow Yourself to Fall Asleep

Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced. You begin to disassociate from both external and internal stimuli, relaxing your mind & body into sleep.

Once sleep is detected, 2breathe automatically shuts off.


Track & Review

At the end of each session, 2breathe generates a report showing the whole session process breath-by-breath. In addition, 2breathe provides a sleep diary, tips and tutorials.