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At the end of each session, a session report is displayed. The report shows session metrics and the session breath-by-breath graph.The information at the top part of the report includes the following:
  • Session Duration – from start of the guiding tones until the end of the session time or 10 minutes after user fell asleep.
  • Minutes to fall asleep – minutes from start of guiding tones until App detected user sleep, if user fell asleep.
  • Breath Duration – duration of a whole breath (Inhale & Exhale). The report shows the duration of the first and last breath while the user was awake.
  • Exhale Portion – the portion of the exhalation of one breath. The report shows the portion of the first and last breaths while the user was awake. This is important since longer exhalation is key to relaxation.
2breatheSessionReportUpperThe breath-by-breath graph shows a colored dot for each breath taken throughout the session. A breath is a whole cycle of inhale and exhale.
  • White dots are breaths which were in sync with the tones
  • Red dots are breaths which were out of sync
  • Turquoise dots are breaths which were in passive mode. Passive mode starts 3 minutes after sleep was detected, and in which the application generates the tones following the user breathing instead of guiding the user
2breatheSessionReportLower We have identified several key patterns of falling asleep. See if you can find yourself in them.

The Classic pattern

2breatheSessionReportLowerThe classic pattern has one event of falling asleep, after which, the user is asleep. The user follows the guiding tones (White dots), lowering his/her breathing rate under 10BPM (Breaths per Minute). At a certain stage (around minute 7 in the image above), user starts dosing and stops following the guiding tones (Red dots). User breath rate rises to regular sleeping breathing rate of 12-18BPM and the user falls asleep. After 3 minutes from sleep onset detection, 2breathe switches guiding tones to passive tones which follow the user breathing and shuts off 10 minutes later.

The Undecided pattern

undecidedpatternThis pattern is of users who gradually fall asleep, dosing in and out of sleep until they settle in and sleep. They follow the guiding tones, lowering their breathing rate until they dose and their breathing rate rises after which, they wake up to follow the tones again and lower their breathing rate. this cycle can go on for two, three and even four times until finally they sleep. In the example above, we can see a user who dosed for 3, maybe four times, before settling into sleep. The pikes in the graph are the dosing events, while after three of them we can see the breathing rate flattening around 12BPM.

The Conditioned  pattern

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 18.14.52This pattern is the holy grail of insomniacs, and probably would not happen to most of our users, but we will present it for the sake of analysis. In this pattern, the user falls asleep almost immediately after guiding tones start playing. We had users telling us that after a few weeks of using 2breathe, they started falling asleep just from hearing the tones as if it became conditioned.This pattern usually involves a minor sleep onset event at the beginning of the session which is hardly noticed by the system which after the user breathing become shallow and stable as he falls asleep.  
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