Is Your Sleep Tracker Running Your Life?

In a recent article published by NBC news, it was discussed how sleep trackers are causing people distress. It seems that people have become so fixated on getting their numbers just right, in the hopes of a good night’s sleep, that they have become stressed out and the sleep they wanted to improve has evaded them.

The key measuring tool of wrist-worn sleep monitors is called actigraphy. Actigraphy essentially involves recording movement through a measuring device called an accelerometer.

Sleep trackers track such things as total time asleep, sleep percentage, and how long after sleep waking occurs. But the one thing that trackers cannot do is induce sleep. Now I do not think that trackers are worthless, I believe that they have their place, but wouldn’t you rather just fall asleep? As we like to say, “Tracking is nice but inducing sleep is better.”

How Is 2breathe Different Than Sleep Trackers?

Poor sleep typically reflects heightened pre-sleep tension: A ‘vicious cycle’ that includes daily stress, intrusive thoughts resulting in elevated sympathetic neural activity. Breathing exercises are The recommended method by sleep experts for calming your mind and body toward sleep.

2breathe enables anyone to perform highly effective breathing exercises without prior training or conscious effort using patented real-time coaching technology.

2breathe is a device that induces sleep. It is not a tracker by any means, at least not in the sense of what trackers are meant to do. 2breathe uses personalized therapeutic breathing exercises to improve sleep. It transforms your breathing, in real time, into tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.

2breathe and sleep trackers are like night and day. You can see how 2breathe induces sleep while trackers well… track sleep. 2breathe has made a great impact in the lives of many users. Those who thought a great nights sleep was out of their reach have experienced the power of therapeutic breathing and now are sleeping like never before. Try “2breathe Sleep Inducer” risk free for 60 days. Yes tracking sleep is nice, but I bet you would rather sleep better.

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