Don’t lose another night. Order 2breathe now!

 2breathe unit: $179.95

The smart device and mobile App that guides your breathing to induce sleep.

2breathe comes with:
Our commitment to make it work for you.
60 day money back guarantee. Refund & return policy.
Unlimited support

Minimum requirements:
iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini, iPad 3 or newer.
iOS 8.4 or newer.
Some patience. Results accumulate within few weeks of use.

Are you using an Android phone?

 Sleep Assured™ 60-Day Program: $39.95(1 time)

A Structured program with a personal coach assigned to you, to ensure you get the most out of 2breathe and solve your sleep issue. Your coach will review your sessions & sleep diary and provide you with personalized tips and unlimited support.

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Don’t lose another night. Order 2breathe now!

2breathe is a smart device and mobile App designed to induce sleep. 2breathe patented technology guides your breathing with tones that gradually bring you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.

Within minutes, the neural sympathetic activity is reduced allowing the mind & body to relax into sleep.

2breathe’s effect is cumulative.  After two weeks of regular use, an individual who has trouble falling asleep, will have an easier time falling asleep.  Those with sleep maintenance issues, such as waking up at night or waking up too early, will require a longer period to see a improvement in their sleeping patterns, usually 3-4 weeks.

2breathe patented technology grew out of an FDA approved device for non-drug treatment of hypertension and stress, now included in treatment guidelines of the American Heart Association. When 90% of hypertension users surveyed, reported that it also improved their sleep, we decided to adopt the technology for smartphones and created the 2breathe platform to induce sleep.