The Princess And The Pea’s Sleep Hack.

Once upon a time, so the story goes, a young prince was looking for a princess. A real princess. But there were just too many fakes in the group. Even when he found a real princess well she was disappointing too. But that was not the worst of the young princes problem. The young prince was a stomach sleeper. He loved sleeping on his stomach, but in the morning his neck hurt because it had to be positioned unnaturally so he could breath.

Sleeping on his stomach can cause him both neck and back pain. Also, pressing his face into the pillow for so long caused accelerate wrinkling, and cause breakouts. The position  also caused his face to become puffy because fluid could not drain. So it ended up in his face.

Furthermore, because most he raised his arms above his heads while stomach sleeping, his shoulder joints were put under more stress.What was the young prince to do? Obviously finding a princess when you are starting to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame is not going to improve your chances of landing a date with the princess.

The King & Queen were very concerned about the prince. So they devised a plan to rescue their son from the wicked spell of stomach sleeping. A call went out far and wide through the kingdom for any young women that could break this enchantment over their son.

So many did come. Some tried rubbing dogs earwax on his teeth, the young prince remained on his stomach. Eating boiled lettuce, drinking the milk of a bat, and licking the inside of a sow’s ear didn’t work either. Nothing seemed to work. The young prince was devastated.

Till one day a princess appeared and made her way to the front of the crowd. “I can cure the young prince and break the spell” she told the King and Queen. A loud gasp arose from the crowd, and some snickers and taunts too. But the young princess was not daunted.

So she was taken to the young prince by the Queen. She saw how the young prince suffered. “Fear not” said the princess, “I will help you.” So the young princess took out a very hard pea from her pouch and proceeded to tape it on the prince’s abdomen. All that night every time the young prince rolled over on his stomach he would wake up and fall asleep on his side. This continued night after night the young prince could not fall asleep on his stomach. Finally one night the King and Queen crept into the prince’s chambers. He was fast asleep on his side. Thus the spell was broke. They were wed the next day.

So this sleep hack worked for the young prince and research has shown it can work for you too. Sleeping on your stomach can cause many problems. From neck, back pain, joint pain and fluid retention in the face. Researchers have determined that stomach sleeping, no matter how comfortable is the worse position for you body.

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