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At some point, you may need to replace the battery of your 2breathe unit. No need to worry, we have provided a video for you. Just follow the step by step video and you will be back on track for a great nights sleep.

A transcript of the instructions is added below.

Before replacing the battery you will need a replacement battery and a sharp object such as a nail file or kitchen knife. The battery is a standard three-volt coin battery which can be bought in any retail store.

Now take the sensor in two hands and turn it upside down. You can see the battery door at the top. Using your thumb push the battery from the blocked side towards the open side then pull it out and put it aside.

Wedge the nail file under the little side clip and lift the battery drawer gently it should pop up. With the click using your thumb pull the drawer upward and out you can see that one side is partially blocked and the other is open.

Using your thumb push the battery from the block side towards the open side then pull it out and put it to one side. Take the new battery holding it with the plus side up ,hold the drawer so that the open side faces the battery and push the battery in until it clicks.

Hold the drawer in one hand and pick up the sensor in the other. The sensor battery case has a special slot to hold the battery drawer. Insert the battery drawer with the two raised rails entering into the slot when you feel it is inside, push it gently all the way in until it clicks.

Take the battery cover and replace it.

Turn the sensor back facing upward and press and hold the button for two to three seconds until you see the LED flashing red and green. This confirms that the battery replacement was successful the sensor is ready for use again.

If you have trouble replacing the battery after watching this tutorial please contact us by email or phone (1-800-220-1925) and we will do our best to help.

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