Sleep Assured Program

Sleep Assured Program

A Structured program with a personal coach assigned to you, to ensure you get the most out of 2breathe and solve your sleep issue. Your coach will review your sessions & sleep diary and provide you with personalized tips and unlimited support.

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Program Details

Get to Know 2breathe & your sleep

While waiting for your sensor unit…
Learn about sleep, sleep disorders & 2breathe
Track your sleep by daily filling a sleep diary

Get Started with 2breathe

Sign up, pair your sensor and complete tutorials
Perform breathe sessions daily for one week
Continue filling your sleep diary

Get your personalized plan

Maximize your benefits with a personalized plan, based on your coach review
Get 2breathe into your daily routine and complete 60 days of sessions
Feel the improvement and receive your progress report

2breathe 4Health

Continue using 2breathe based on your coach recommendations
Learn how to utilize 2breathe for other health benefits
Receive interesting weekly content


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